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  • Why Won’t My Toddler Eat?

    Why Won’t My Toddler Eat?

    Nowadays, mealtime is the only time of the day when families get a chance to sit and talk to each other. But your toddler can convert this peaceful hour to a hectic period by creating a fuss at the table. At the age of 1-4 years, it is normal for toddlers to throw tantrums at […] More

  • What to Expect in the Toddler Years?

    What to Expect in the Toddler Years?

    The toddler years are precious moments in your child’s life. It is the phase when your baby has grown a bit older but not yet a full-time kid. These adorable years are the time when you cannot stop laughing at the mischievous acts of your child. As a doting parent, the toddler years of your […] More

  • What To Do When Your Toddler Hits You?

    What To Do When Your Toddler Hits You?

    Does your toddler hit you in public places? It can be embarrassing, but as the elder you need to understand that they do not mean to harm you. Everyone expects a child to be innocent and well-behaved, but a toddler does not have developed speech skills. They cry, hit, and even make the innocent face […] More

  • Ways to Get Your Toddler to Eat Well

    Ways to Get Your Toddler to Eat Well

    The unconditional love of parents is everlasting. You are always concerned about the well-being of your child. Did he/she eat his lunch at school? Are they being well-fed by the caretaker? Are they getting enough nutrients? For upbringing, healthy food is a necessity for natural processes to occur. Parents adopt a variety of techniques for […] More

  • Things to Do With a Toddler

    Things to Do With a Toddler

    Toddlers want attention and care by people to stay active. It keeps their brain stimulated. Just so you know, the toddler is little and they know the world through you. They always need somebody who plays and spends time with them. There are endless activities that you can do with your child. Toddlers are children […] More

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    Managing Two Years Old Behavior

    It is often hard for parents to manage the behavior of their child and they get upset about it. Parents try to seek an appropriate answer to the following question – what is the best way of managing two-year-old behavior? Parents do find it challenging sometimes to manage their children because their kids want to […] More

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