About Me

Hi everyone, l am Lynn Young Phillips a mother of two children and really love my children so much. Though l have had some rough times taking care of them, l have come to realize that its much easy if you as a mother have the knowledge when it comes to care for children. This has lead to me sharing this information which l found to be a valuable part of my life when it comes to taking care of my children on a daily bases.

Kids can be very frustrating at times and even making me sleep late at night and regular waking up in the middle of the night just to make sure their are ok and not making noise which can be hard for my neighbors in my area. Ever since l started using methods and ways stated by Chris Thompson in taking care of my kids l can have a peaceful night and day knowing that my children are ok. The Webinar was really helpful and it taught me a lot of things that l guess can be very useful to you as a mother.

For more information about this please refer to Learning Tools for Toddlers …….