Dealing with Toddler Tantrums – Causes and Solutions

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For parents, the most annoying habit of their child is throwing tantrums. For those who do not know about tantrums, let us tell you that this is a way to showcase frustration and anger. The most common reason is when the child’s wants and desires are not being met. They would cry loudly to showcase their anger and in extreme cases, they might hold their breath.

Parents always complain about the tantrums of their children. This is because they cannot fulfill every single wish at the moment. Of course children observe things around them and throw fits that they want ABCD toy or the latest gizmo. When you are not able to provide the wants of the child or feel it is too expensive, then it gets embarrassing. The child starts crying and howling which is irksome for the parents.

In severe cases, parents need to immediately consult with the doctors so that they can get rid of this habit. Here is an elaborate post about dealing with toddler tantrums causes and solutions.

This will help you to understand why the child is showing tantrums and what you can do about it!

Why does your child show tantrums?

We have all been in those shoes. You may not remember your toddlerhood, but even we had shown our tantrums to our parents.

As we grow older, we feel that our kids are the naughtiest and the most demanding but the truth is that they are just kids! This does not mean that you should not control the behavior. You can prevent it from happening at the first place.

Your child would show tantrums because he could not express his/her emotions and feelings through words. He/she would show extreme anger and frustration and will try to explain to you what he desires by crying and doing other stuff which you have not expected. Children usually cry whenever they want to express something but in certain cases they can also go beyond that. If your child is thirsty or is getting hungry, he would be likely cry and only the ones who are close to him can get to know about it.

Causes of tantrums

There could be many reasons why a child would show a tantrum apart from getting hungry or thirsty. In each situation, you should know how to deal with it. Tantrums can begin at an early age when the child is about one year of age because at that time he gets to know what he wants but can’t express his words and emotions. Apart from it, tantrums are also caused by restrictions that are being imposed by the parents on their child and apart from showing aggressive behavior they have no other way by which they can get their desired thing. Tantrums are not only being shown by infants but they are also being displayed by children age 5-6 as well. There are certain factors which cause tantrums are as follows:


Children who have a low-level of temperament are most likely to show more tantrums because they would get angry or frustrate on things easily. The level of temperament in infants as well as in children is low as compared to adults and that is the reason that there is a high chance that your child may get upset easily.


Jealousy is another reason. For example, the child has a sibling (a younger one) and parents are giving all their time to them. The older child may feel jealous and throw tantrums. If your children like a toy and you refused him to buy it then he would get angry over it and will cry until and unless you give him what he wants.

Stress, hunger, and tiredness

If your children are tired, it is most likely that he would get uncomfortable and it will ultimately lead to stress as well. There is a high chance that your children would show negative emotions to express themselves.

How to prevent tantrums

There is no way that you can avoid tantrums but we can decrease the effect of it. These are the following points that should be considered and how to control tantrums.

Stick to the routine

Plan a strict routine for your child so that he should know that you are not going to accept any unwanted desires of him. This would help him to build a positive behavior, limit the activity of your child so that other doings do not get disturbed. Such as making a strict plan of his sleeping, eating and other schedules.

Be prepared

You should be ready when your child displays tantrums. Make sure you have a pack of chips or biscuits with you always so that when your child gets hungry you can get him one of those. If you are worried about your child getting obese then pack healthy sandwiches and home bakery items in your handbag.

Teach your child the art of speaking up

Tantrums are displayed by infants because they do not developed language skills. This is the reason you should encourage or teach them to speak up and express themselves. This way they would never cry or show tantrums because they would be able to express themselves. Teach them easy words so that they can start expressing what they want.

Make your child independent

Try to value your child’s decisions and make it a habit to ask them whether they want to wear blue shoes or red shoes. This will make him independent and it would certainly put an end to needless tantrums.

Encourage, but do not give up

If your child does a good thing to try to encourage him to make it a habit. Also, refrain from giving him such toys or things that are not suitable for him and would make him angry. If you think that your toddlers react too much in certain situations or at places make sure you avoid going there.

Are tantrums a good thing?

Many parents appreciate their children showing tantrums because they believe it helps them to learn new things. They believe that it helps them to grow from inside as well as from the inside.

Crying makes you feel better

Many studies show that after crying children or infant is in a better mood and there is a high chance that he would show positive emotions. Also, he would get over his feeling when he cries and it helps him to get over it.

It will help your children to sleep better

According to researchers, a child gets a good amount of sleep after he cries and that is why parents view this as a positive aspect.

Tantrums improve your children behavior

Most parents believe that tantrums would help their children to improve their behavior in the long-term. Tantrum helps the children to dispose of their emotions when they cry. This would help them to recover more easily and in a much faster way.

Takeaway Advice

Majority of the parents get a headache after their child starts crying and howling. Hitting the kid or spanking them is not the solution. This is a big NO because the child would get the message that it is okay to hit someone.

Do not succumb easily and let them cry it out. Try to avoid the situation and feed them enough before you go on a long journey. Learn to listen to your child and try to comprehend what they are saying. Once you both have an understanding, life will be much easier. recommends Talking To Toddlers Guide to help you reduce the stress of parenting. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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