How to Discipline a Toddler Who Laughs at You

How to Discipline a Toddler Who Laughs at You

Toddlers are new to this world and still are in a learning phase. They take everything as a challenge and tend to do it because they think that making fun or laughing at a certain situation is alright.

When in a serious conversation, the toddler may start laughing or find the situation funny. This is because they do not understand how grave the situation is!

Parents often complain that their child laughs when they are being told to act nicely and this gets them frustrated. Toddlers do not have much understanding about this world and thus they laugh when they are being asked to be quiet.

The million dollar question is – How to discipline a toddler who laughs at you?

Studies have revealed that there could be many reasons for a toddler to laugh in serious situations. This is possible when the toddler is anxious or feeling stressed/scared.

Most of the toddlers laugh when they know they have done something wrong and they try to hide it by laughing. There could be multiple ways through which a toddler can release his emotions and feelings. It can be through laughing, tantrums or showing aggressive behavior but in all of this, parents need to stay calm because these reactions are natural. Parents need to make sure that they provide their support to their children so that they do not feel alone.

Easy and simple tips on how to control your child

Laughing is a natural thing and parents need to understand that it is a learning stage for their child. Parents tend to get frustrated when their child laughs while they are being asked to be disciplined. The following are some solutions on how to control your child and make him disciplined.

Punishment is not the answer

Punishment is not an option in any situation because it only makes the child more stubborn. Yelling may be good to some extent but physical punishment will only make things worse as your child will develop feelings of hatred and fear.

Parents only need to work on teaching their children how to behave properly. If their child is being taught good manners in his early life then there is less chance that he might develop this habit. You need to teach your child what is good and what is bad for him. If he laughs while he is being told to be quiet, tell him that you do not like it. The toddler will not repeat it the next time.

Correct your child

”You have an amazing sense of humor, kid! However, this is not the right time to laugh!”

Never corner your child because they are too little and do not understand the silent treatment. Parents need to correct their children whenever they do something wrong. Toddlers are in a state where they pick things early and that is where parents need to rectify their children. If they are being corrected at an early age then there is less probability that they will develop this habit. Parents need to encourage their children if they do something good and offer them rewards. This will make your child show good behavior. Few perks do not hurt, right?

Spend time with your family

This is one of the major reasons why a child would develop bad behavior. Parents need to make sure that they spend time with their children because they are the ones who will teach them good behavior.

Make some defined rules

If your child laughs in a serious situation, set some rules and regulations in the home If your child often laughs when he is being asked to stay quiet then tell him that he is going to get punished if he ever does it again. Punishment should never be harsh! Not allowing them to watch their favorite cartoon or not giving them treats are some of the ways to deal with this situation. Never hit or become violent because they are your children.

Treat your child with love and care

Toddlers need their parent’s attention and for that, they tend to do everything. Parents need to make sure that their child gets enough attention from them. If your child laughs while he is being asked to stay quiet then parents should tell him that this is not categorized as good behavior. This would make your child think about this and slowly but gradually he will give it up.

Follow the rules

Do not be fussy or harsh! Your child is new to the world and it takes time to understand the workings of the world. They are in a state of accepting mode where they want to do everything. Children are sensitive and they get scared easily. It is possible that the child knows they have erred and are trying to hide the guilt by laughing it off. Parents need to make their children follow the rules from an early age so that they do not face any problem in later life. If mistakes are being rectified in the early stages, there is a high probability that your child will not do it again.

Takeaway Advice


We all know that laughter is a form of reaction. It brings joy and also brings people together. However, certain situations are not funny and that is when the parents need to draw a line.
Kids may laugh because they are trying to hide their fear. It happens with adults as well! When we try to stop our tears, we tend to laugh. As parents, you need to stay in control and ask the child what is funny!

Have patience and let the child learn the way the world works. Tell them that it is not okay to laugh at certain situations. However, do not be harsh because your child may lose their smile forever. Discuss with your child about different types of responses and ask them not to repeat the unusual response. recommends Talking To Toddlers Guide to help you reduce the stress of parenting. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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