Things to Do With a Toddler

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Toddlers want attention and care by people to stay active. It keeps their brain stimulated. Just so you know, the toddler is little and they know the world through you. They always need somebody who plays and spends time with them. There are endless activities that you can do with your child.

Toddlers are children between one to four years of age. It is the age in which they carefully observe the activities happening around him. He tries to follow them, so it is a good time for you to use it as an advantage for strengthening your bond with them. As the child matures, he adopts what he observes and learns through the attitude of his elders. Call it the imitating stage, but this is a learning curve for them.

It may seem like a tough time for you, but you can do fun activities that will keep them happy. We have listed the things to do with a toddler. Keep reading!

Give them lots of toys – the creative and thought-provoking ones

The best way to keep your kid busy is by purchasing different toys. These are playable toys that attract the attention of your kid for some time and keep them occupied. Although your kid will create a mess while playing with them, there is no need to worry as it is not difficult to collect the toys.

There are some toys available in the market that can help in stimulating the brain of the toddler. Musical toys or building blocks help the baby to develop certain skills.

A little walk in the nearby park

The baby gets bored by remaining inside the home for too long. You can go for a little walk in the park. This is an opportunity for him/her to get up close and personal with Mother Nature.

The baby can see the birds chirping and can socialize with other people. Socializing is important because the baby starts understanding that there is a world beyond his/her mother and father.

Also, you can introduce the baby to pet animals in the park. A toddler feels supremely happy to see dogs and cats as these are unfamiliar to them. Their curious mind wants to know what kind of species is this!

Food Tasting

Offer a range of different cuisines to your child. He will develop different tastes at an early age and will eat anything which is presented to him. You can shop for your food items with your baby at the near supermarket. This activity allows him to develop interest and become conscious about food.
You can also cook kid-friendly recipes with your toddler. Allow them to work on the frosting or even decorate the cake with stars and moon.

Introducing New and Bright Colors

The kids take an interest in colorful material. They like-colored products around them. So when you go shopping for your toddler, buying colorful clothes, shoes, and toys.

You can paint with them. Invest in water colors and crayons. They can learn the art of painting from the beginning. This activity is helpful because it can pass your baby’s major time without creating any disturbance to you.

You can do the following things with bright colors:

  • Paint stones and paper weights.
  • Paint pots in the garden.
  • You can paint the garden walls.
  • Give them a big paper for painting. Allow them to use their creativity to paint something fabulous.
  • Ask them to make a drawing of their family. It may not be perfect, but toddlers love to take up fun activities.

Talking to the toddler – Reserving Time for the Little Ones

You can speak with a toddler, which gives them a sense that someone is paying attention to them. Children seek attention from other people.
You need to spend majority of your time with the baby to make him feel more special.

Teaching the Basics

Teaching a little one is difficult yet an exciting task. It involves a mixture of diverse features. The babies are sensitive, and their view results in acceptance or rejection of material that we teach to them.

As an elder, you teach a baby to walk, talk, eat, and sleep. Sleep training is necessary and so, you should make it a habit to create a routine for the little one.

Visiting a Pet Shelter

Like we mentioned-before, toddlers love the idea of spending time with pets. You can visit a pet shelter or a dog boarding to introduce the toddler to happy dogs and cats. Make sure you are there to supervise. Kids love to spend time with animals and they enjoy this activity quite a lot. Toddlers are super tender with dogs and they will learn the art of nurturing. Take some biscuits and dog food with you.

Give them a bubble bath

Kid-friendly bubble bath solutions are available online. You can make a bubble bath for the kid. They can dunk into this bathtub and play for 20-30 minutes. Play some nursery rhymes in the background. Sing along with them and teach them a new rhyme. This will be a fun thing to do with the toddler.

Camping inside the home

Install a kid-friendly tent inside the home. Recreate the jungle camping experience and get some snacks. The toddler will get to experience how it feels like to be in a camp!

Camping inside the home is possible. You can invest in a kid camping tent which is easily available in online stores.

Takeaway Advice

Thus, it is clear that you can do a range of activities with a baby to please him. Through all the hard work and patience, you can teach the basics of life to your toddler. You need to focus on both indoor and outdoor activities. Outdoor games and visits make him more friendly, social and are helpful in developing more confidence.

Never do something that makes a child antisocial or makes him feel stressed, which directly impacts his brain negatively.

Make sure you try all the activities mentioned-above. Spend as much time with your toddler because once they grow up, they will be individuals. Make the most of this time that you have with the little ones. recommends Talking To Toddlers Guide to help you reduce the stress of parenting. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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