Tips to Prevent Toddler Bedtime Problems and Solutions

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The toddler phase is when your precious child reaches the tender years of one to three years old. At this point of your child’s life, sleeping time in 24 hours must be at least 12 hours to 14 hours. This can be accumulated during night time bedtime and naps in the afternoon.If our child is having trouble sleeping in your schedule bedtime, you have to address the problem immediately and find a solution. Sleep is crucial to your toddler’s evolution, and it helps in brain development as well as physical growth.

Let us discover some important tips to prevent toddler bedtime problems and solutions.

Understand the source of bedtime issues

Though toddlers are generally hard to put to sleep, every child is different. You should try to understand the underlying problems why your toddler is not interested in sleeping. Take note of the things that occupies your child’s attention and time before going to sleep. It could be that your toddler has taken into watching movies or TV shows right before bedtime. Or your little human tends to eat snacks after dinner time and is always busy munching something and wants to continue to do so even during bedtime. Another reason is your child is having too much fun playing with toys, which is actually a major concern for many parents.

Solutions to the bedtime problems

Bedtime problems exist and they can be frustrating at times, especially when still have loads of things to do in the house. If you are like many parents, as soon as you put your toddler to sleep, you go ahead and do chores. What all parents can genuinely understand is that sleep time of kids are the only real time that tasks is the house can get done. And so when you constantly fail to put your little angel to sleep at night, it takes you longer to keep your house in order. But don’t worry, because we have some solutions to your bedtime problems.


It’s quite understandable that you have your favorite shows in the evening and you simply don’t want to miss out on the episodes. But turning the TV on eventually makes your toddler lose interest in sleeping. TV is a distraction that you have to sacrifice in order to successfully tuck your toddler to bed.

No sugary snacks

Every loving parent cannot deny food to their little ones, but avoid giving your toddler sugary snacks before bedtime, and even a few hours before sleeping time. Foods containing sugar is providing extra energy to your adorable child and you will have a hard time lowering that energy level during bedtime.

No toys

You probably have tons of toys in your home for your toddler to enjoy, but there should be zero visibility of the attractive toys in the living room or bedroom before bedtime. Having toys lying around will only cause your child to want to play instead of sleep.

No playing

Playtime with your cute toddler at home is highly recommended in order to solidify the bond between parents and children. However, when it is close to bedtime, refrain from engaging your child in playing games. Remember that small children have too much stored energy, and playing with them before bedtime encourages them to keep on playing and not sleep on time.

No snacks

Avoid giving your toddler snacks before bedtime. Your child can get busy eating, you will have a hard time implementing sleeping schedule.

Tips for a good night’s sleep

As challenging as putting your energetic toddler to sleep, there are effective ways to make your child sleep early at night.

  • Make sure that your toddler’s bed is soft and extremely comfortable. Sometimes, children cannot sleep properly if they are uncomfortable with their pillow, mattress, or blanket.
  • Play some children’s music while you are putting your toddler to sleep. Mild music helps children sleep faster and soundly.
  • Put your toddler’s favorite stuff toy in the bed to make your adorable angel feel safe while sleeping.
  • Sing a lullaby to make your child sleep a bit faster than normal.
  • Toddlers love to hear their parents read stories to them before bedtime. Choose an engrossing story every night, and read to your little human until sleep takes over.
  • Set a certain schedule for sleeping and stick to it every night. As much as possible, never deviate from your schedule so your toddler can get used to sleeping at a specific hour at night.
  • Make sure that the house is quiet during bedtime. You wouldn’t want to disrupt the process of falling asleep with noises in the room.
  • Light an aroma therapy candle with mild scent while you sing, dance, or talk your toddler to sleep. The soothing smell of the candle helps in bringing calmness and sleepiness in your child. Just make sure to put out the candle before you leave the room.
  • Create a dim environment in your toddler’s room during the night so your precious angel can sleep better.
  • Ensure that your toddler’s room has the right temperature. Too much cold or heat can make your child irritable and won’t be able to sleep.
  • Dress your child with soft evening clothes that feels like satin to the skin. Rough clothing can prevent your toddler from sleeping.
  • Toddlers can easily be bribed. In special instances when your child becomes very difficult than usual to put to bed, promise a tasty treat. But refrain from doing this often. Only do so in rare circumstances.

Bottom line

The toddler years poses a challenging stage in your child’s life, and to yours as well. This is the time when your not-so-little baby tests your authority and defies you during bedtime. Exercise more patience and stick to your schedule for sleeping time. There are numerous ways to make your toddler sleep early, and you can try them all or experiment on your own resolutions. Important thing is your beloved toddler sleeps long hours and wakes up happy and fresh. recommends Talking To Toddlers Guide to help you reduce the stress of parenting. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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